• S-video - wow!

  • 2021 · 2021-07-05 · Daniel
  • Over the weekend, a friend came over and we started modding more systems -- right now at my house I have a total of three Atari 2600s and five Atari 5200s. Two of each are mine and the rest belong to my friend.

    First thing we did was to drill all …Continue reading

  • Another UAV-modded 2600

  • 2021 · 2021-06-23 · Daniel
  • My Vader 2600, the first system I modded with UAV, was not known good when I started. In fact, I bought it because the seller listed it as nonfunctional, and these things seem to run forever so I didn't believe his ad for a nonfunctional 2600.

    The modified Vader has …Continue reading

  • Telnetting via FujiNet

  • 2021 · 2021-06-14 · Daniel
  • The FujiNet is a very cool peripheral available for 8-bit Atari systems.

    Somewhere along the way, I learned of the ability to telnet over the FujiNet.

    The requirements are simple:

    • A FujiNet device
    • A terminal program
    • Something to telnet into

    For the first requirement, I have a FujiNet device.

    For …Continue reading

  • RetroTINK & s-video

  • 2021 · 2021-06-08 · Daniel
  • My Atari 800 is modified with UAV (on the SCCC board) and Incognito. Today I decided to connect my 800 to my 43" Vizio TV (the TV I use with my 2600/5200) to see just how much difference S-video makes.

    In a word: WOW!

    The lines are much crisper …Continue reading

  • UAV mods & 4-port power bypass

  • 2021 · 2021-05-05 · Daniel
  • Recently, a friend came over and we modified his spare 4-port 5200 with both the power mod and UAV (composite only), and the only thing we didn't finish was soldering the UAV onto the 4050. The results on his system were pretty good, and they gave me the confidence to …Continue reading

  • Incognito drive emulation

  • 2021 · 2021-04-14 · Daniel
  • A while ago, I bought the excellent Incognito for my 800 and installed it into my system. I have used it mostly for cartridge emulation, but recently my children have started to program the 800 in Atari BASIC, so I needed to come up with a better way to save …Continue reading