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I recently discovered Mikey Walters's Atari BASIC series, and my sons and I went through the tutorials, learning a lot about Atari BASIC along the way. We typed in most of the program, but I also wanted to try Mikey's revised version.

I downloaded the BASIC files for Mikey's game, downloaded and compiled atari-tools on my iMac, and used the atr command from atari-tools to make a disk image so that I could easly copy the game to my Atari 800:

% atr basfiles.atr mkfs dos2.5
% ls -l basfiles.atr
-rw-rw-r--  1 daniel  staff  133136 Jul 19 15:12 basfiles.atr
% atr basfiles.atr ls
% atr basfiles.atr put basfiles/asltorg.bas 
% atr basfiles.atr put basfiles/asltrev.bas 
% atr basfiles.atr ls
asltorg.bas  asltrev.bas                                                      
% atr basfiles.atr ls -l

-rw--  11584 ( 93) asltorg.bas  
-rw--  13065 (105) asltrev.bas  

2 entries

198 sectors, 24649 bytes

812 free sectors, 103936 free bytes


Once the basfiles.atr disk image was ready, I moved it to my TNFS server, and mounted it on my FujiNet using the web UI:


Then I ran BASIC on my Atari 800, loaded the program, and was off to the races.

Very fun stuff.

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