2021 · 2021-05-05 · Daniel

Recently, a friend came over and we modified his spare 4-port 5200 with both the power mod and UAV (composite only), and the only thing we didn't finish was soldering the UAV onto the 4050. The results on his system were pretty good, and they gave me the confidence to try the mod on my primary 5200, a 4-port and my only 5200 that consistently generates color output -- the 2-port I modified earlier almost always shows black-and-white only.

Since we had already done his unit, we were able to modify mine much more quickly, and we did a somewhat cleaner install.

The end result is a much cleaner picture on composite vs RF, and I'm so glad I did this mod.

We followed AtariAge user Crossbow's excellent install video.

Here are a few pictures:

Before After Power-Ext Power-Int RCA-ext RCA-int

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