2021 · 2021-06-08 · Daniel

My Atari 800 is modified with UAV (on the SCCC board) and Incognito. Today I decided to connect my 800 to my 43" Vizio TV (the TV I use with my 2600/5200) to see just how much difference S-video makes.

In a word: WOW!

The lines are much crisper. The text is much clearer. Now I can't wait until I get to mod my 2600 and 5200 with S-video!

As with last time, pictures show this much better than words can.

Here's the UAV-modded 800 via composite, through the RetroTINK 2X-MINI:


Here's the UAV-modded 800 via S-video, also through the RetroTINK 2X-MINI:


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